ASEAN Student Contest on Information Security 2020

ASCIS 2020 is the 13th time that the Student Contest on Information Security has been organized in Vietnam and the 2nd time open to ASEAN countries.

For registration, students from all institutes, universities, colleges throughout Vietnam and other ASEAN countries are eligible to register for participating in the contest. The maximum member of each team is no more than 4. The contest consists of 3 rounds

The Starting round

On Oct 17th, 2020 the Starting round officially took place lasting for 4 hours. Upto 157 teams competed virtually in this round in which 120 teams from 31 institutes in Vietnam and 15 teams from 6 institutes of ASEAN countries (Laos, Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei).

Thông báo về vòng Chung khảo cuộc thi 2021
Trao chung nhan SV-ATTT 2020

The Qualifying round

On Oct 31th, 2020 the Qualifying round officially took place lasting for 8 hours. This round was held at three places including Hanoi, Danang and Ho Chi Minh city. All teams from Vietnam attended the contest offline while 19 teams from 6 other ASEAN countries had to participate online.

The Final round

The Final round was held on Nov 11th, 2020 in form of Attack and Defense lasting for 8 hours. All teams competing in this round gathered in Posts and Communications Institute of Technology in Hanoi excluding teams from ASEAN countries as those team competed online.

In the end, ASCIS 2020 found out its winners and runners-up:

  • The first prize: HCMUS.Twice (VNUHCM)
  • The second prize: NotEfiens (VNUHCM)
  • The third prize: AmongUs (FPT University)
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