Results of the Qualifying round of Student Contest on Information Security 2021

The Qualifying round took place officially on October 16, 2021 with the participation of 101 teams coming from univerisities, colleges and institutes in Vietnam and other 7 ASEAN countries including: Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei and Singapore.

After 8 hours of intense competition, team KMA.L3g1On ( Academy of Cryptography Techniques- ACT-HN) won the first prize of Group VN1 (consisting of teams from the North of Vietnam), team n0n$la&$ (Academy of Cryptography Techniques -ACT-HCM) won the first prize of Group VN2 (consisting of teams from the South of Vietnam). In Group ASEAN (consisting of teams from 7 ASEAN countries mentioned above), team IDK IDK IDK owned the highest point but only won the second prize despite many efforts.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung-President of VNISA awarding the first prizes to the champions of the Qualifying round

Once the Qualifying round just came to an end, the Organizing committee officially announced and awarded  prizes to the winning teams as follows:

  1. First prizes: KMA.L3g1On – ACT-HN (Group VN1), N0n$la$ – ACT-HCM (Group VN2)
  2. Second prizes: PTIT.Chongxun – PTIT-HN, BkSec.Oggy – HUST (Group VN1); Binary Rabbits – ACT-HCM , HCMUS.BlackPink –HCMUS (Group VN2); IDK IDK IDK – Thailand (ASEAN Group)
  3. Third prizes: Madagascar – HUST, Pawsitive – UET, Readmore – FPT-HN, M1sch13f – FPT-HN , PTIT.1nvisibl3-  PTIT – HN (Group VN1); UIT.W3 – HUTECH, UIT.Underrated – HUFI , PIS_TNTD – PTIT-HCM, FeelsOldMan – BKU , UIT.Overkilled – UIT (Group VN2); RedCheep – Thailand (Group ASEAN)
  4. Consolation prizes: MSEC_ADC- IMT, KMA.NextGEN – ACT-HN, 0ni0n – FPT-HN , Y45uno – PSA , NewbieC500 – PSA ,C500er – PSA, Ml3m_ml3m – HUST, UET dpkg – UET , or 1=1- TLU (Group VN1); ISIT – DTU – DTU, HCMUS.Momoland – HCMUS , BKDN – SSW – DDK , COPIUM – BKU ,!FBT – HCM FPT, PIS_UwU – PTIT-HCM ,PIS ChickenStar – PTIT-HCM, HCMUS,Dreacatcher – HCMUS , BKDN_Injoker-DDK, BKDN_Em0t3t-DDK, XORs – ACT-HCM , Noobk – BKU (Group VN2); CyberX- Malaysia, Team L3V3L1NG- Laos, R0bocop- Thailand (Group ASEAN)
Mr. Vu Quoc Thanh, Head of the Organizing Committee, announcing the list of teams selected to compete in the Final round

The list includes the 5 highest ranked teams in Group VN1, 5 highest ranked teams in Group VN2 and 7 teams in Group ASEAN (the best team of each other ASEAN countries) as follows:

  1. Group VN1: KMA.L3g1On – ACT-HN, PTIT.Chongxun – PTIT-HN, BkSec.Oggy – HUST, Madagascar – HUST,Madagascar – HUST
  2. Group VN2: N0n$la$ – ACT-HCM, Binary Rabbits – ACT-HCM, HCMUS.BlackPink – HCMUS, UIT.W3 – UIT, UIT.Underrated – UIT
  3. ASEAN Group: IDK IDK IDK – Thailand, CyberX – Malaysia, Team L3V3LING – Laos, – Brunei, 403 Forbidden- Myanmar, F4ntastic.ID – Indonesia, NoName – Singapore

In the Final round, the competition will be holding entire virtually in form of attack and defense for 8 successive hours. The Organizing committee will send instructions and scoring rules to the teams before 13th Nov.

The Organizers taking photos at the awarding ceremony