Timeline of ASCIS 2023

The contest is expected to take place following the dates below:

  • June, 2023: Announcing contest regulations
  • Jul, 2023: Inviting institutions to participate
  • Agu, 2023: Application for Starting round starts
  • Oct 7th, 2023: Starting Round (expected)
  • Oct 21st, 2023: The Semifinal Round and The Final Round (expected)
  • Nov, 2023: Closing and Awarding ceremony

  Prizes and Awards

a) Number of Prizes:

  • The Qualifying Round: Each group has 01 First Prize, 03 Second Prizes, 05 Third Prizes and some Consolation Prizes

The number of prizes shall be decided by the Organizer based on the number of competing teams in each group.

  • The Final Round: 01 Grand Prize, 03 Second Prizes, 05 Third Prizes  and 11 Consolation Prizes

The list of teams winning will be show on the website https://ascis.vnisa.org.vn

b) Prizes include:

- Certificates of VNISA.

- Cash or cash equivalents

* The winning teams from ASEAN countries will receive cash prize via PayPal. Please send the team leader’s PayPal account to the Organizer if your team wins.